Aliyah’s Bone


img_4057Aliyah found her mammoth bone up the Porcupine. Mammoth fossils are common on the Yukon Flats. Most are found along the rivers that erode so much of the land every spring. People are always showing me mammoth tusks, teeth and bones. Aliyah is very proud of hers.

I’ve mentioned before how grateful I am to get to work with the same students for five unbroken years. We have become a family, of sorts. But the truth is, that family includes every student in the school, even the youngsters in the elementary grades. They all know my name, and they grow up wanting to be in my science class someday. I know, because they tell me so. One or another always greets me in the morning with a “Hi, Dave!” or a “Happy birthday” on the day we older ones would as soon forget. They bring me their rocks and bugs and bones and moldy bread to see. Just like Aliyah, because we are family.


3 thoughts on “Aliyah’s Bone

  1. Good Morning Dave, and Happy Birthday too 🙂 This is so beautiful, photograph, and the bone that Aliyahs found, and also she is. and yes, how proud of and beautiful feelings for a wonderful teacher like you. Do you think, only your students want to be in your class 🙂 Please don’t forget me, still in my dreams. Thank you so much, Have a nice day, Love, nia

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