The Sky’s Been Busy

161003-auroraTaken from my doorstep. The aurora has really been kicking up it’s heals lately. I could have taken a better shot, but I’d look a little funny prancing about the street in my pajamas. I’ll see if I can take some professional photographs on the weekend. I’m thinking of cutting a few of those trees down – they’re partially blocking my view of Ursa Major.


4 thoughts on “The Sky’s Been Busy

  1. Wooooaaahhhhh, so it came and you got it! It came also in Dk the other night, but of course I saw photos on net, I didn’t see anything :D. But your is prettier, it dances. I have a colleague from Greenland, she also shares on Fb photos when it happens there.
    Pfuiii, to have the aurora ring your door-bell and to open in pijama 😀

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