Series: After Adrian 1



Adrian Lewis lives in Bristol, UK. I admire his work very much and I was explaining to him how the boldness of his images challenges me to get out of the ruts. I hope you will visit his blog and enjoy his photographs. I am starting a short series of posts dedicated to striving for greater boldness in my own, especially in the shadow regions. It is something Adrian is quite passionate about, so I thought I would apply some of his preferences to my own editing and name the series “After Adrian.” Of course, this is all sort of an interpretation of an interpretation, and I have no idea if Adrian would treat these pictures as I did.

This first image of a rose hip in snow also appears in my last post titled “Leftovers”. I wasn’t happy with the way it turned out for the previous post and thought that increasing the contrast might embolden it a bit. Let me know which version you prefer. I’ve added the previous version to this post as well so you can compare them. Or should that be contrast them?

16 thoughts on “Series: After Adrian 1

  1. Dear Dave, I thought something, you can use the rose hip as in the first one, and the snow (background) you can use in the second one and then look at this new version 🙂 I imagined like that. Thank you, love, nia

    • That’s a good idea. I might try it but don’t know if I have the expertise to control the contrast – I’ve been using Lightroom and it has no layering. But I do have Photoshop now and will have to see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

  2. The latter one probably look most natural, but I do prefer the first one! Colours seem crisper. and the white/snow is ‘cleaner’ The rose hip almost looks a bit ‘metallic’ in the first picture, I like it:)
    Great composition – love the combination between the snow, red and thorn.

    • Thank you, GG. People tend to be a little shy about voicing real opinions and analysis online, but I find it refreshing.

      I need to try this in Photoshop and use its layers, by I am a PS novice and the time investment is too great for the moment. Nia (below) suggested combining the two and I might try that. The hip looks metallic to me as well, too much so for my taste. I’ll probably give it another try.

  3. I agree with ‘Girl Gone Expat’! The first one bothers me a bit because the rose hip looks a bit too jewel-like (a bit too transparent) but I like the effect. So I’m divided! 🙂

  4. This is interesting, my friend! I too prefer the upper image, it has far more “zing”, it gets right up and pokes me in the eye! I agree to some extent with Nia that the snow is just a little, just marginally, over bright. Now we were talking about the Nik software packages including SEP2, and these have superbly useful Control Point technology that would very easily enable you to keep the hip’s contrast as it is, while slightly lowering that of the snow.

    And, finally, I would delete / clone out that concentric oval structure towards upper right, which has become more prominent as the contrast has increased. It has become artificial and a distraction. Whereas the dark twig sticking up out of the snow at lower right has the same angle as the hip’s stem, and is the perfect balance for the hip in the image. Adrian

    • I saw the same weaknesses. The oval drives me nuts, but I can’t deal with it in Lightroom.

      I’m glad you think more detail in the snow would improve the image. I could have controlled the local contrast in the image better, even with Lightroom, but I want to clip out some of the detail to hear the response.

      For me, accomplishing that in Lightroom would have been more work than I cared to spend on this picture and your description of the Control Points in SEP2 has just about sold me on the idea of getting the trial version. I have resisted that because of my personal dislike of the big G but I can get over that.

      This is quite fun, and I am enjoying getting frank responses from so many people. Considering them is a great way to build synapses. 🙂 Thanks!

      • Yes, the Control Points in Nik products (incl the Capture NX2 I use) are really easy and handy. SEP2 really is wowee!!! (and of course I’ll answer any queries you have about using it); but I’m finding Color Efex Pro 4 to also be pretty nifty. Re the oval, but surely you can just delete it or clone it out? It is after all not large. A

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