11 of 15




Forty nine below. Again! That makes 11 of 15 days that we have been in the forty’s or fifty’s. Most of the planes have stopped. Morning church services are cancelled. Haven’t heard a snow-go all morning, or a car for that matter.

It’s so cold, even the ravens are off shivering somewhere. At thirty below, their fly-bys outside our living room window are so frequent that I sometimes think of naming my backyard “Raven Alley”. Maybe I’ll post a sign out there and make it official. But I haven’t seen them lately.

I think we are ready to run our weather forecaster out of the country. I hear Siberia is nice this time of year. He says it is supposed to warm up this week, though, so I’m giving him one last chance. It’s 10 below by Friday or else!


25 thoughts on “11 of 15

  1. I can’t imagine how it is to be in these temperatures… In here, this week it is expected snow and storm coming from Ukraine… Right now it is cold and raining… When I say it is cold, I know, not for you, it is cold. temperatures below zero is not good… But just I am glad to hear that you are in warm and in safe, this is important dear Dave. Thank you, I wishe you both to have a nice week, and warmer days to come soon… Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    • Good point. We have no days off, school is always open regardless of temperature. However, parents/guardians may keep children home if the temperatures are below -45˚C. Those are counted as excused absences. Today, three out of eight students were absent in my second period class because of the cold.

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