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Once, Fort Yukon boasted a hospital, hotels and stores; they are all gone now. But we do have abandoned cabins, lots of them. I like old things. I must get that from Dad. Old homesteads intrigued him, and he would always muse, “I wonder what stories those walls could tell?”

This winter there seems to be no end to the rosy hues the sun casts over our village. You can see it in the pictures above. I’m an almost die-hard realist when it comes to my photography and usually take a less-is-more approach to editing, especially when it comes to color and contrast. I tend to fudge more on brightness levels.

Dad was a realist with his photography, too. He often told me so. I’ll never forget the time he was walking around an old abandoned homestead when he found a patch of lantana, a pretty flowering plant native to much of Texas. He took a few pictures of it, but this twig from some tree was right in the middle of his composition. It really bothered him, so he reached in there, removed it, and took his last and best picture of that plant. A few days later, that hand broke out in the most awful, itchy rash. We looked at the picture together and I started to laugh. Not only was there a twig messing up his composition, there was poison ivy in it, too, only he hadn’t recognized it. “I’ll never mess with a picture again,” said Dad. That one never made his favorites list.

8 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story

    • I think being the first child gave me more opportunity, and I matured at just the right time to identify with his photo passions. Thank you for taking time to read the blog, Christie, because it really is for the family, a journal of sorts. Stay warm.

  1. Sometimes I wonder if my children (if I will ever have children) would like to hear my stories about pictures I take or they would never have an interest for them…
    You have an interest for your Dad’s photos and for his stories and this wonderful.

    • Cornel, the times I spent with Dad on expeditions and in the darkroom are among the best memories of my lifetime. I hope you do have children someday, and when you do, I hope you share all your own passions with them. Best wishes.

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