Bough Breaker


What a bough breaker of a winter this has been. Snow, snow, frost and more snow. I think I’m living in a postcard! Well that is an insult to the beauty all around us right now. I dreamed of living in a world like this when I was a child. How fortunate I am!

Somehow the spruce trees hold up under all the weight – I wonder how? I wish my limbs were as supple as theirs.


8 thoughts on “Bough Breaker

  1. I’ve gone on a couple of snowshoe hikes in the Catskills and the spruces on top of ridges have branches so low to the ground that they prevent snow from collecting underneath. One can easily fall into one of these “spruce traps” and get stuck and when that happen, if nothing is broken, uncontrollable laughter ensues.

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