He Grows Lavender In Heaven


Sometimes in the late afternoon, the sun skips along the horizon and mingles its own warm after light with the darkling Arctic blue.

His medium is light and there is no end to the colors of his palette. He grows lavender in heaven.


5 thoughts on “He Grows Lavender In Heaven

  1. Hi Dave didn’t know you were back in state. You know of course I am partial to B&W but I agree the handiwork of God is many and varied out here in the wilderness. Nice photography!

  2. Indeed, there is no end to the colors of His palette.
    And what is the saddest thing is that so often we just ignore the beauty around us, above us (‘after all, there will be more sunsets and sunrises, and clouds, right? So there is no need to watch the skies, we’re losing time.’), and inside us…
    But when we take our time to observe we are just amazed by His grace and beauty.

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