My Heart Leaps up



I have been looking back at Dad’s photographs. I remember wondering, as a child, how long a lifetime really is and it seemed to me then as though it must be something on the order of infinity. Now I’ve lived much of life and the years have passed so quickly. It is not so infinite after all…

“My heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
Or let me die!
The Child is father of the Man;
And I could wish my days to be
Bound each to each by natural piety.”

William Wordsworth


11 thoughts on “My Heart Leaps up

  1. Dave, your father had a ‘eye’ for catching precious moments in time. That photograph of the elderly woman reminds me so much of my mother right before she passed.

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