A Light In the Bend

The Rio Grande River, looking from Mexico into Texas

looking across Rio Bravo, from Mexico into Texas

Rio Bravo. It is known as Rio Grande in the USA. I prefer the Spanish. As a boy, I stood on the far bank chucking rocks into Mexico and wondering how the English managed to give this diminutive river such a name. It didn’t look very grand to me. Of course, as a boy I had no idea that it is a magnificent drainage system with headwaters in Colorado. And now, all grown up, I understand how powerful a river can be, separating nations and cultures and economies.

Boquillas Del Carmen, Mexico, circa 1980

La Villa de Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico, circa 1980

Boquillas del Carmen, Mexico. I traveled here with dad several times and I believe it was one of his favorite places. My brother Mark lives just across the river and he, too, visits Boquillas often. He told me that it has only this year acquired electricity.

A las familias de la villa de Boquillas del Carmen, felicidades y salud!


3 thoughts on “A Light In the Bend

    • Hey, our power came back on and they have shut school down for the rest of the week. No complaints! I gathered from your post you are outside for the holidays. Best wishes!

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