I Should Have Been a Bear


The land sleeps in winter. Snows will blanket the Flats until late April or early May and the life below will rest until its rebirth next spring. Yet, a few rose leaves and an occasional hip will cling to branches all winter long and I often stop to look at them.

Like the earth, bears also rest. They hibernate. I have always thought that a long winter’s sleep would be good for us all. The older I get, the more I like that idea.

I should have been a bear.


10 thoughts on “I Should Have Been a Bear

  1. Brrrrrrrr, 5 degrees F! I would be a bear, too. It’s still mild here, about 50 F and the gales are blowing away all the leaves before they turn colour. Love your photo!

    • Thank you, Jo. I always enjoy hearing from you. Of course, 5 degrees is still kind of mild for us. 🙂 That’s too bad you are losing your color, but I kind of like blustery fall days. Hope you can get some good stormy pics.

  2. I’m with you, Dave. I love the turning of the weather in fall. I enjoy the beautiful colors, of course, but it’s the actual shift in temperatures and wind patterns that thrill me most. Those first few days of gusty winds filled with the bite of winter’s promise always fill me with excitement and anticipation for the real cold to come. Of course, our “real cold” and yours are two very different things. 🙂 Still, fall and winter are my favorite seasons.

    • Hey, Winsome. Guess what? WordPress didn’t was suspicious of you and dropped your comment in my spam folder. About the fall, we must be kindred spirits of sorts. I like your description. Hoping your fall and winter are really satisfying ones!

    • That’s a very kind thing for you to say, Pete. The bear sort of surprised me – I didn’t realize he would show up when I first started writing. It all slipped out quite easily, but words usually have to fight their way out of my head. Thanks again!

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