A Little Work, A Little Play

What great kids! We identified the indicator trees of the boreal forest, created landscape blueprints to scale, harvested and transplanted 24!!! trees and got really dirty. They worked in a forty degree rain the first day without a single complaint. Great kids, great fun!


6 thoughts on “A Little Work, A Little Play

  1. Kids planting trees…. there are so many good things about it, one of them being they can return year to year and see the tree grow. I have a good friend who grew up in NW Connecticut and as a child planted some apple trees with his father. He spent the Vietnam war in Afghanistan to avoid the draft, came back and raised a family in another town in Connecticut and a few years ago we took a walk through property where he’d planted the apple trees. Of the 20 or so he’d planted, close to half were still living and producing fruit. Someone else owns the property now but we found the owners and told them the story. They loved knowing this man (who’s now 70) planted those trees as a boy.

    I wish I’d done something like that. 20 years ago when we bought this place we planted apple trees and they’re doing quite well although only one produces fruit. Our neighbors’ bees do the trick but some trees are just not up to the task. Each year I think I’ll cut those down and plant some new ones hoping for fruit but it’s tough to do.

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