Autumn Night


On autumn nights like this one my neighbors gather outside their cabins. Every year it is the same. And why not? Soon we will all be huddling in our homes against a bitter cold. But autumn is the season of perfect nights.

So tonight songs and stories and laughter circle a fire under a dark sky and bright stars outside my cabin. The sounds of my friends rise and fall to the pulse of their own merriment. Someone is playing a guitar and his friends follow along in song. And when the songs fade then tales of fishing and hunting are spun amongst the flames. Tall tales, every one. The air is tinged with chill but the fire is warm and the stories warmer. And the drinks are warmest of all. Autumn night, perfect night.


8 thoughts on “Autumn Night

  1. David, this may be one of your best. Oh, to be able to capture all of the nuances of that simple, but complex picture with paint…I’m not sure it can be done. Virginia

  2. Oh how I wish I could have been there for that. I can imagine a camp fire and all the happy neighbors enjoying the tall tales. The photo is absolutely beautiful. Love you, Mom

    • Hello, Mom. Anywhere else, all that would have been irritating, but here it is fun to listen to. In many ways life here is like it was down south back at the turn of the last century, before tv and such. When people gathered outside on a summer’s eve on a town square.

  3. Lovely photo! I say to say though,that first I thought about the aurola borealis,since it’s been seen even here…not by me,unfortunately.But you must have seen it there.

    • Oh, no, I did not. And I am very disappointed about that. 2 nghts ago I was out watchng for it but I was so tired I went in to bed at midnight. I woke up at 4 am but it was cloudy. And cloudy again all last night. What timing!

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