British Columbia: Last Thoughts


Of all the regions we have visited from Texas to Alaska on this route, British Columbia has been my favorite, a land where endless forests of spruce, poplar and birch, willow and alder stretch on forever. We saw the bald eagle, marten, moose, black bear, grizzly and bison, all between Fort Nelson and Watson Lake.

I wish I could have captured its fragrance. Already it is escaping my memory, like sweet dreams that I want to remember but can’t. You cannot truly experience the beauty of this place until you have breathed deeply.

Every valley seemed to reveal a new river or lake of some indescribable hue. I did not know so many shades of blue existed. Pristine and pure.

I must return to this place again someday.



4 thoughts on “British Columbia: Last Thoughts

  1. I cannot express how much I love all the images you’ve posted of your travels, Dave. Those of BC have been especially gorgeous. This shot of the evergreen is of special beauty to me. I grew up in the mid-south, where pines are considered garbage trees to be removed at will. I always loved them, though. Evergreens of all stripes have always been some of my favorites. Now, living north of the Mason-Dixon, pines are much more valuable. Part of what made me fall in love with my home was the pines the previous owners had lined the drive with. Those endlessly green needles and cones of various shapes and sizes are always going to be among my favorites. I’ve always known I’d like to visit Canada. These images make me long to go NOW!

    • Thank you, Winsome. Your place sounds lovely. And someday when you do go to BC, be sure to make it as far as Fairbanks, so we can meet and see the sites.

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