Colorado: Whatever Happened to Majesty?


Denver at dusk. Rainstorms washed the evening air clean for a brief moment.


But this is the unpleasant reality of Denver, and much of Colorado. Blankets of smog. Oh, Katherine Lee Bates, where have your purple mountain majesties gone?


3 thoughts on “Colorado: Whatever Happened to Majesty?

  1. Dave, as a front range resident I have determined that to find the majesty in Colorado you need to draw a 3h time circumference ring around Denver and then leave that area. 🙂

    There is Majesty within that ring, but it sure is getting more difficult to find.

    • Lindsay and I went up into RMNP about 8 years ago and it was very beautiful. We enjoyed the canyon from Loveland to Estes Park, too. When you get up close, you don’t notice smog so much, as long as you don’t look up. 🙂

      • Hi Dave, RMNP is a great place and like all National Parks once you get 1/4 mile of the trailhead are pretty darn peaceful. When we have windy days or a couple of day sod rain the smog clears out and you can really tell the difference in the clarity of things you can see even looking a 1/4 mile or so away things are bright and clear. I guess we just need more wind.

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