Amarillo Is Cattle Country

TX 7-4-0084

Amarillo. Home of The Big Texan, which in turn is home to the 72 oz. steak. That’s right, 4.5 pounds or 2 kg of red meat. Now that’s too much, but if you eat all your cow in one hour, its on the house. There are only two outcomes to such a meal. Either you finish it, or it finishes you. What a pleasant prospect!

I wonder how Amarillo got its name? It means “yellow” in Spanish. Nobody seems to know, but it is such a pleasant name!

Amarillo also is home to cattle. Lots of cattle and none are “amarillo”. There are feed lots everywhere and tons of manure. The aroma smacked me in the nose as I stepped outside Thursday morning! I swear, a blind man could follow his nose to Amarillo without losing his way.

I really don’t mean to disparage the town. The people or very kind and the town boasts such a rich history. I’m sure it is a very nice place to live.

But wouldn’t “vaca” be a better name?


4 thoughts on “Amarillo Is Cattle Country

  1. I’m horrified to even think of the size of that steak! You could probably feed a family for a week! 🙂 The aroma also makes the song ‘Is this the way to Amarillo?’ seem totally unnecessary!

    • There is balcony seating in The Big Texan, and years ago I sat up there, eating my little meal as I watched two young oil field workers seated just below me attempt the monster steak. Ringside seating. I could tell one was a pro who had done this before. The other was a rookie trying his wings. He jumped on that steak like a big cat, half chewing big disgusting mouthfuls of meat and ignoring the baked potato and salad. The pro methodically and slowly paced his way through his own meal and finished it all without showing one sign of discomfort. Then he sat back and watched the rookie, now in major pain and nowhere near finished. Poor guy.

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