At Least We Outnumber the Grizzlies


Minnie is one of my 11th grade students. Like many of the native youth, she makes jewelry. This is one of her necklaces. Beads come from the store. Claws come from the Yukon Flats.

So what kind of place is this, really? We are surrounded by 40,000 square miles of boreal forest which we share with 1700 people and 1300 grizzly bears. About 600 of those people live in Fort Yukon. Fortunately for us, none of the grizzlies do.

4 thoughts on “At Least We Outnumber the Grizzlies

  1. Nice necklace! But seriously Dave you must have a couple bears because even here we have a couple who venture through during the summer.

  2. A while back I read the Lewis and Clark description on their first encounter with a grizzly along the Missouri River. The bear won.

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