There Be Fry Here!




Classroom update. Our little silvers emerged lean and hungry this week and today they got their first taste of fishy fast food. Yum! Well, it smells terrible to me but our frisky fry love it.

My eighth graders love them to death and the tank is their first stop every day as they come into class. The fry are approximately 1 inch long now. They haven’t quite learned how much air to hold in their air bladders so they swim in a funny, head up and tail down way, as you can see in the picture. Eventually, they will become expert swimmers and level out.


5 thoughts on “There Be Fry Here!

  1. What stunning shots Dave and they are so adorable! I don’t blame the kids for wanting to see these cuties first when they come into the class. I would do the exact same! 🙂 Great share. 😀

    • Thank you so much. I’m afraid the posts about our classroom rarely get much notice. So many, many thanks. We have about 400 little coho salmon in that tank.

      • That’s quite a pity because it’s very interesting. I love your photo’s and posts Dave. I may not always say something as most of the time I don’t have any intelligent words to offer as with your King Salmon posts, but do know I read them all and I think you’re a very talented and professional photographer. 😀

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