Where Have You Gone?

frosted trees-0274

frosted trees-0271

Where have you gone, King Salmon? You are life to my neighbors and friends.

The Athabascan and the King are heart-linked, have been for a thousand years. A dictionary will tell you that tradition is “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.” How woefully inadequate a description! Tradition is a bulwark of safety. A source of well-being. The assurance that tomorrow your world will be all right as it was for your fathers and their fathers. Come live along the Yukon among the Native Alaskans who depend on the King and learn how the loss of tradition devastates the heart.

Where have you gone, oh King? Why have you left us?


4 thoughts on “Where Have You Gone?

  1. ‘Liking’ this doesn’t seem quite right – only in a sense of sympathy and concern. It must feel like the sun is dropping from their sky. I can only hope that nature redresses the balance very soon.

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