“Blackbird Singing In the Dead of Night…”

frosted trees-0328

frosted trees-0327

Sorry, Paul, I am certainly abusing the meaning of your fine lyrics. Besides, it’s a raven, not a blackbird; and its the middle of the day, not the dead of night! Still, I see the raven and begin humming the tune. My, but how the heart toys with objectivity!

I like the black and white version. Lindsay prefers the color. What are your thoughts?

lyrics by Paul McCartney

4 thoughts on ““Blackbird Singing In the Dead of Night…”

  1. Thanks SO much for the earworm! Since I finally learned how to play it this summer, I can add in the air guitar to my humming.
    Stunning images as always, but I’m not used to seeing a solitary black bird. Maybe I’m picturing the huge flocks of grackles perched in parking lot trees who leave their “blessings” all over the cars each fall.

    • We don’t have flocks of the blackbirds you are familiar with, just our crazy ravens. I can’t decide which collective noun I like better, an unkindness or a conspiracy of ravens. Both arouse deep feelings in me. They are often seen alone, but sometimes they chase each other through the trees, and in the summer you might see an unkindness along the riverbank.

      Now, I’d never heard of an earworm, but I think I get that. Hope your family enjoys the concert. 🙂

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