Frosted Art

frosted trees-0289

Bright sun and 13 below today – perfect weather for taking the students out to capture a few images for our photography class. We have had 2 weeks of heavy frost that has created layer upon layer of rime. I haven’t the words to describe the beauty of this place.


9 thoughts on “Frosted Art

    • So interesting to hear that. All along the Circle, we are experiencing unusual weather. Very warm and moist here. Most of what you see in the pic is frost buildup and we rarely get frost this time of year.

  1. How are your students (and you) dealing with taking pictures in 13 below without hurting your hands? I suffer with Reynaud syndrome (thermostat problem causing cold fingers) and if I go bare handed in cold for too long I’m in trouble. I use thin glove liners under mittens and this really helps but it means that whatever camera I use must have controls that can be used with the liners on. Most DSLRs have big enough controls so it’s not a problem but I hike with smaller cameras. My current fav is the Ricoh GR: excellent images quality, fast operation, and the controls can be used with the liners on.

    Keep warm…

    • Actually, we keep our gloves on until we are ready to shoot. I don’t think any of the kids have glove liners, but they are tough as nails. 🙂 I didn’t use liners yesterday and my right hand got pretty cold. I have some great super thin liners with aluminum threads woven into them that really do a nice job and I can work most of the camera controls with them on. You can get them anywhere – google “space glove liners”.

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