Setting the Wheel

fishwheel-0076My son Chris and I have had the good fortune to help our friends Mike Jackson and Keith build their fish wheel this summer. Today we set it in place about eight miles upriver from the village and finished building its basket supports. Monstrous flies pestered us but the mosquitoes were quiet. Black bear tracks crisscrossed the muddy bank and we sighted geese and ducks. It was a hard, hot day with temperatures reaching 90 F. Whenever we overheated, we soaked our hats and shirts in the cold Yukon waters and went for a boat ride. At the end of the day we were very tired and a bit cranky but very glad that the wheel was turning. The salmon run is a few weeks away, but tomorrow we expect a catch of whitefish awaiting us, if that black bear hasn’t helped himself to a meal!

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