The Beauty


We call them rosehips. They are wild roses that grow profusely on the Flats. I have written about them numerous times, but I did not realize how beautiful they are in bloom; I have seen their fruit in the fall and have never had the good fortune to witness the summertime bloom. Our yard is a garden!


Now I have made a connection, you see. The Beauty and the Beast: our rosehips and the nasty Alaskan mosquitoes. These pests have irritated us all month. But now, whether by coincidence or not, they have inexorably swarmed our community in perfect harmony to the exquisite glory of the rosehip. They literally chased me back into the house!


They say you can make tea and jelly out of the summer blooms and later out of the fruit. We have other flowers in our yard, too, although I do not know their name. Our garden is wild. I like that best of all.


6 thoughts on “The Beauty

  1. They are wonderful, beauties, and I am sure the scent is wonderful too. And the taste if you make jelly. My plan is to make jelly with old fashioned or wild roses, but must admit I didn’t try yet..

    • Hi, Bente. I haven’t made any either, but will this year. Maybe mix our cranberries with the rosehips. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer break.

  2. David thees are absolutely beautiful. I would so like to see them and smell them in person. Your mosquitoes are definitely bigger than the Texas ones but I bet they are no more painful!

    • Mom, they are less painful! They make big welts, but don’t itch as much. The rosehips give us a wonderful splash of color, although they seem a bit pale. They are not as fragrant as the Texas rose.

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