Where Am I?

Here I am in pleasant San Antonio!

sanantonio-0016I have been attending the National Science Teacher’s Association, camping out in the Hyatt Riverwalk. I have to say it is a very fine tent.


The Alamo. Heroism. Patriotism. Overwhelming odds. Fight to the death to defend your freedom. You cannot use your cell phone in the Alamo, nor your camera. And you must not wear your hat, in honor of the valiant who died within those walls.


The live oak is a grand old tree. Children can easily climb it and walk its limbs.

sanantonio-0024The riverwalk that flows through the heart of downtown San Antonio. Eateries of all kinds line the river. We ate all our meals at the river’s edge.


8 thoughts on “Where Am I?

    • I had forgotten you live in Austin. I admit, I did enjoy the temperate climate and the lush green, but I know what SA is like in August, so I will glady remain an Alaskan. 🙂 Have you ever looked at the blog – Steve from Austin takes the most wonderful photographs in your area ad tells about them.

    • Ha, surprised you! Well, you have tricked me a few times, too. Had to go south for a science teacher’s convention, but I am home now and all is still white, but not for long – we are starting to thaw.

  1. I am so glad you were able to get some photos while you were there. I enjoyed them so much. I even remember being on the Riverwalk and at the Alamo. Glad you had a good trip.

    • A little something to cheer you, Mom. I remember going there with you and being so disappointed that it wasn’t half blown up and riddled with bullet holes. 🙂

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