Nowhere Land

Nowhere Land-0049I’m attracted to the outline of the lake which calls to mind several animals. What does it look like to you?


16 thoughts on “Nowhere Land

  1. i was thinking a ray too… or a bat… or, don’t laugh, but a very childish rendition of a dinosaur! (the left bat-wing would be the head, because it’s flatter…. but then it has a strange little lump on its back.)

  2. A balancing elephant with an elephant saddle on his back, long-horn steer head with alittle hair on top, puppy dog (head only facing me) (see his nose?). This is fun. Yes, a “Long Neck” from Land before time going east, she has a bird with wings spread facing us on her back and she is carrying her suitcase on her tail. …OK, so I turned it upside down and it looks like an owl or ghost with the cuttest little lips. Let’s do this again.

    • Oh, no. I take my pictures with a simple point and shoot, the Canon SX260 HS. It’s pretty nice and zooms out to 500mm equivalent. My son took the aurora photos with his Canon 5D. My aurora pics didn’t come out, although if I had used a tripod I probably could have gotten something decent.

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