Sky Dancing

photograph by Chris Schuler

aurora-9577Some call it a collision of charged particles in the atmosphere. We call it beauty. The lights were dancing a jig tonight, quick and bright. Chris made this photograph near our cabin.


11 thoughts on “Sky Dancing

  1. Wonderful picture. There is one in the Travel section of the paper this morning that is almost identical. It was taken at Chena Hot Springs?

  2. Dave, you read my mind! I have wondered lately if you see it there, and why I don’t see any photos of it.Now a friend of mine from Finland saw it for the first time there – this one, two days ago- and was totally excited.I have been dreaming of seeing it for ages,never did though.It happens here also ,rarely,but it seems I missed it every time,I also think it is quite hard to see it when you live in the middle of the town and the view is blocked by houses and big trees. Still, never give up hope ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beautiful,what else can I say? Lucky you,haha. By the way, it is snowing here and it is all so white, for the first time in this time of the year, it really is no difference from your place at all.I might go out and make a snowman ๐Ÿ˜€

    • You could spray paint it for color! Ha! It as been a not so good year for aurora, and then last weekend there was the big solar eruption that produced this nice showing. I was so happy that the skies were clear, the night was windless and the temperatures warm (for us). But most of all I was so glad our youngest son Chris was here and able to see it. I’m loving your drawings, by the way. The giraffes are a hoot!

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