Cutting Wood


Nikon Coolpix L11 | 37mm | ISO 77 / +3/10EV | 1/30 sec @ f2.8

This is my friend Richard. I helped him cut wood today. We drove five miles out to a lake and located some nice standing deadwood that hadn’t rotted – you don’t cut live trees. We had to cut our way through the willows so we could pull the truck close enough to load. We cut our trees down and into sections with a chain saw, then used heavy sticks called “limbers” to beat off the small limbs. Richard has enough wood for himself but woodcutting is a good way to supplement income and in our village of 500 there is always someone in need who prefers to buy wood rather than cut it. A cord sells for $250 and after learning how hard it is, I’d say that was more than a fair price. We collected one half cord today in three hours.


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