A Walk In the Wood


Nikon Coolpix L11 | 37mm | ISO 64 / +1/3EV | 1/60 sec @ 2.8

Outside the village on the way to cut wood.

8 thoughts on “A Walk In the Wood

  1. This is amazing view that I can’t image… Thank you dear Dave. By the way, all my comments on the section of students have been still waiting for to be approved by moderation. Why I didn’t understand. Have a nice week, love, nia

    • Oh, Nia that is because we had just gotten back to school from the holiday and the semester was at an end. I had hoped that the students would be able to get on the computers to answer the comments but we could not schedule it last week. I want the students to answer the comments and will have them do that this week sometime. Today is a workday, no students, and tomorrow the old students will move on to new classes, but I will make sure they answer, and the new students will not start to post anything for a week or so. We have new cameras on order – our old ones we were borrowing and have had to return.

    • Thank you, S. I was supposed to go back there today to cut more wood, but it didn’t work out. Probably a good thing as the temperature has been -35 today and I don’t have good enough boots to stay out in that for hours at a time.

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