We Live For This

We haven’t any restaurants or theatre or cinema or spas or indoor rock climbing walls or football or little league or ad infinitum, but we do have some mighty good roundball. It’s the spirit and pride of our community. Our kids are our stars and we are very, very proud of their accomplishments. Both the young and the elderly are all there on game night.


Canon Powershot SX130 | 6.2mm | ISO 400 | 0 EV | 1/40 sec @ f/3.5 | Tessa scores!


And last night I had the best seat in the house, right next to this sweet little elderly lady. Our team has no cheerleaders because all the girls are on the team, so we enjoy cakewalks and hold raffles at halftime. If you are a raffle winner you get to shoot baskets for a prize. The sweet lady next to me paid a child to go walk the cakewalk for her and she won! – and as the child brought her a plate of cupcakes, she hooted, “After 42 years I finally win one!” Later a girl came around selling those raffle tickets and the spry old lady piped, “I want some – I can shoot!”


Canon Powershot SX130 | 13.5mm | ISO 400 | 0 EV | 1/25 sec @ f/4.5 | Justice cuts to the basket.

The little camera I used for these pictures isn’t exactly built for available light action photography but I rather liked the way these two images turned out. Check out those shutter speeds!


7 thoughts on “We Live For This

  1. Beautiful shots… exactly giving the excitement of these moments. Life in there, fascinates me dear Dave, city life makes me tired now. Maybe I get older 🙂 Thank you,Greetings and Love, nia

    • Shooting action with a point and shoot, slow reaction shutter, is like buying what my mom would have called a grab bag – a bag with unknown goodies in it – you pick a bag and wonder what’s going to be in it. 🙂

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