I promised to tell you more about our community this year, and there is no better place to start than with Marvin who you will undoubtedly meet on your first arrival, assuming you ever come to Fort Yukon. Even in our village of 600, nobody is known by everybody. Except Marvin. Marvin is head of airport security – well, she is all of it to be precise.


We sometimes call her “Attack Cat.” She is our Homeland Seurity.


You may find Marvin alarmingly cavalier about her duties but she is equipped with the keenest set of domesticated teeth in the flats, killer claws on every paw and eyes that absolutely do not miss a trick. Nobody gets the better seats by the window unless authorized by Marvin…


…nobody steals incoming shipments of Puppy Chow…


…and nobody ever hogs the heater. I can’t understand why the rest of the world is so obsessed with luggage inspections, body scanners and the like. All you need is Marvin.


14 thoughts on “Marvin

  1. Marvin would get along with the wicked stepsisters, Miss Boo and Miss Mouse who inhabit my castle. They reserve doing what their told only for times when there’s a treat involved and mostly expect their minions to provide constant creature comforts for them whether or not it’s at the cost the minion’s well being. I get it. Love cats.

  2. I’m stunned that Marvin is a he. He’s a tortoiseshell calico, and male calicoes are quite rare. I have two female torties, one who looks ike she could be Marvin’s twin. In our house, she is the shiest of our three feline girls, though the other tortie is positive that she rules the entire house. Even the dogs don’t get in her way. 🙂

    I’m with you on the airport security. A sensible security cat is all anyone should need.

  3. I don’t know Dave, Marvin does not look like she wanted her picture taken. You better watch out on your next flight to town, she may have to give you a pat down, and with those claws ouch!

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