Fairbanks for Christmas


Well, we made it to Fairbanks. Air temperature was 45 when we left the village but it has already warmed up to 9 since we left. Ha! We should leave more often. We shared our Grand Caravan with the pilot and one other passenger. About 20 miles out of Fort Yukon, we spotted a small fire on the flats at the edge of a lake. It was a wild, lonely place and the sun was setting fast. We banked hard to port, then to starboard and came in for a closer look. Somebody was stranded and had enough sense to build a fire and write “HELP” in the snow. It was a good spot, with woods to his back for shelter. We radioed it in and then headed to town.

Above you can see our final approach to the East Ramp runway, Fairbanks. I thought it was a pretty nice view. This was taken at about 4 pm. The Alaska Range towers in the distance. We have already had halibut and chips for dinner, shopped for snacks and tucked ourselves in to our very comfortable bed. Good night!

4 thoughts on “Fairbanks for Christmas

  1. What a neat thing to be able to have seen that sign and call for help. I know somebody must have appreciated that. Have a wonderful Christmas

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