Generous Spirits

our cabin-0252

Don’t let the frost buildup inside our window fool you, our home is nice and warm. Outside there are dozens of Christmas trees all living and naturally flocked while inside there is plenty of coffee and hot chocolate. I wish you could visit, but of course, we have put ourselves a bit out of the way. But we eagerly read every card and message you send.

We received a quite unexpected gift today. A knock on the door! – there was Dan Sastic, our doctor, holding a huge box with “Chill” labels all over it. No problem with that!  He explained that a kind man in New Jersey sent a check to purchase every family in our church a Christmas dinner. In the twinkle of an eye Dan was off to make his next delivery, so we tore into the mystery box and, wow! A monstrous ham showcased the interior, surrounded by potatoes, rolls and butter, apple pie, chocolate chips and even cookie dough. I don’t know the man from New Jersey, but I do know what he is – thoughtful and generous.

He has come, the Prince of Peace:
Come to bid our sorrows cease;
Come to scatter with His light
All the shadows of our night.

from the carol He Has Come, the Christ of God

8 thoughts on “Generous Spirits

  1. I love the lights in your window and I know the Christmas trees are beautiful all dressed in white. Sure would love to be there to help you eat that dinner. Love to both of you and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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