Merry Christmas, Uncle Frank!



For Uncle Frank, who I think will always be with us somehow. I have very early memories of him and as a child he appeared to me as larger than life. I loved his cheerfulness and his mildness and he was always kind and interested in me even though we did not see each other as often as I would have liked. I posted this first as a note written to him, but thought I’d better change that before somebody tried to commit me to a hospital. But to me, Frank will always be among the living.


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Uncle Frank!

    • I am concerned that many will be upset by it because of the sympathy our cultures expresses toward animals. I, too, love animals, but I have always been committed to truthfulness in my photographs, and up here my friends don’t fish and hunt for sport, they do it to survive. Many would starve if they did not harvest the salmon. For them, shopping is a luxury. Merry Christmas, Bente!

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