Aspen Gold


Nikon Coolpix L22 | 24mm | ISO 80 | 1/80 sec | f/6/7

For Mom, light and color just for you!


11 thoughts on “Aspen Gold

    • Taken Sep 7. Haven’t been able to get out to take so many pictures lately, and now its’ almost too dark. But Now that we are on vacation I am going to try to do some “night” photography. A but too cold at the moment. It has been 47 below for most of three days now.

  1. Thank you so much David and I will share it with the little town in Connecticut who are in mourning this morning. Our prayers are with them.

    • This may have been for your Mom, but I’m so glad you shared! It is heartwarming on this sad season for 26 homes in Small Town, Connecticut.

    • Hi, Bente. Yes, we are together but on opposite sides of the world. Are you having a heavy snow year? 7 inch snowdepth here, pretty low. We’ve had too much clear, cold weather. Merry Christmas!

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