Storm Front


The frosted trees stood in muted gray-blue light before a brooding storm. The photograph is inadequate and I am unhappy with it – I must keep trying to make it faithful to what I saw. The frozen air was almost, but not quite, tangible – as if it were saturated with frost that floated in suspension somewhere between the seen and the unseen. Have you ever sensed there was something out there before you, just outside the realm of visibility, and if you looked intently enough it would appear and you could touch it? It was like that.


4 thoughts on “Storm Front

  1. Yes. The photo says all of that to me and much more.
    “The delicacy of old fingers of lace extending to gather every parcel of manna before it drifts to the waiting moisture hounds below. And blankets, oh.. so blankets… red and yellow scars left from Fall’s magnificent departure as if limb and leaves and and alabaster twig could in some way stop the stompping of Winter’s feet. Be about the char…be headlong into the ashen…slumber not into her hoary enticement….”

  2. I just love the magnificant ‘quietness” of it all……the beauty just lies in the silence…it just says without a “sound” I am Creator….look upon my Glory…………………………..great shot…thanks for sharing….

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