A Heavy Scent of Moisture

I am in Henderson, Texas today. I attended university nearby in Nacogdoches which was home to me for five years. I have not often returned through the intervening decades but one thing I never seem to forget – the pervasive moisture that mantles the earth and every living thing on it. It hangs so heavily in the air that you can smell it, feel it, taste it on the wind.

You see the wetness in the abundance of life forms here. Impossibly tall trees arch high overhead. The undergrowth fills and creeps and clings and swarms irresistibly over anything that stands in its way. Lichens grow on fence rails. Black eyed Susans push wildly out of the weed thickets.

You feel like your sweating even when you’re not. The dampness pastes your clothes to your body. And this is the dry season.

But that’s okay. Beauty trumps many faults and Henderson is rich in that quality.


11 thoughts on “A Heavy Scent of Moisture

    • Thank you, I do appreciate your complement. Of course you can, and in fact you have some very nice photographs on your site. Best wishes!

    • Wow, I tend to think what we have must be different than flowers on the other side of the world. Interesting that they can be found anywhere.

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