After the hunt

I didn’t realize that the hunting season was so short. I envisioned people hunting geese all summer long but most of the birds already have moved on. Some will inhabit the lakes around Fort Yukon, but as my neighbor Bruce told me they soon won’t be much good for hunting because they quickly lose the tasty fat they brought with them from down south. It’s the mating, you see; it leans them up and lean birds aren’t as tasty. Most everybody in the village already has freezers full of fat and juicy ones.

In the dead cold of next winter, if you happen to walk the darkened streets of Fort Yukon on about dinner time, you will likely catch the savory aroma of a bird roasting slowly over a fire in a cabin as you past by, its fat dripping onto the coals and sputtering its way up the flue and wafting out onto the frozen night air as a hunter leans back into his chair and relives fond memories of a spring hunt.


13 thoughts on ““Three…”

    • Good morning, Fey, or afternoon in your case. Whenever I post about hunting I wonder if it upsets you. Hope not. This is a carnivorous society for sure, maybe partly because the growing season is so short that it doesn’t sustain enough vegetable gardening to feed the small population. It’s meat meat meat on the table.

      • Oh, believe me… This, I realize! You’re so kind. 🙂 I grew up not far from Australia, hosting a similar society — and well, where I *did* grow up was all fishing-based. I’m the freak at the table — but I can’t help my own nature. As long as there’s respect in the hunt, I have no issue. When it’s a drunken game with no respect to life or the ecosystem, well…

    • Thank you, Claire. Nice hearing from you this morning. It’s good to see your camera is busy as usual. I just visited you and really enjoy reading about you and your life. .

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