Five, four, three, two, one. Done. Five days of school and then summer. For the next week I’ll post photographs but probably no text.


6 thoughts on “Countdown

    • Complete and enter grades, decide on next year’s housing (and maybe pack and move), clean the science lab inside out, inventory equipment, remove everything from the walls, stay in touch with our fellow teacher who has been seriously burned in a heater accident and has been sent to Seattle, finish my own coursework that is due in June, pack for the summer and store our valuables and say our last goodbyes. Oh,yes, and entertain our students for 4 more days. Oh, oh yes, and they expect a party with homemade snacks. Whew, that wore me out just thinking about it.

      Actually, we are staying an extra week to wrap up all the details.

  1. These are wonderful photographs…. How nice to see them after white days and cold days… I am so glad to hear this, Thank you dear Dave, have a nice summer days, Love, nia

  2. Dear Dave, Alaska and Finland probably share many similarities in nature and yet each time you post a photo here, my eyes light up as if seeing these sights for the first time! Loving your eye, your skill and your love for the beauty all around you. Thank you so much and have a lovely school holidays! Sharon

    • You honor me with your words, Sharon. Oh, and about the holidays, that I will. I may be a village sort of fellow, but I know how to enjoy a big city full of theater and restaurants.

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