First Flowers



The river is still high and the old timers don’t believe it has crested. But here is something new. The first flowers that I have seen this spring. They are small, maybe three or four inches tall, hairy stems and petal undersides. I believe this is the Pasque flower, sometimes called the wind flower, the prairie crocus or the May Day flower. Not sure, though. If you know what it is, please let me know.


25 thoughts on “First Flowers

    • I knew you would like this one. Not as magnificent as your beautiful flowers, but a good beginning. Isn’t it amazing that things can live through so much and survive?

    • Hello, Joshi. Somehow I missed your comment! I always like to hear from pros like you. Compliments and constructive criticisms always welcome here.

    • Je vous remercie beaucoup. Mes voisins appellent les crocus. Je n’ai pas trouvé que ils vont aussi sous le nom de «fleur Pasque.” Un autre adepte, Bente, vit en Norvège et ont indiqué qu’ils y poussent aussi. S’il vous plaît pardonnez mon français. J’utilise Google Translate. 🙂

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