I took this photograph of ducks a couple of weeks ago. The Yukon Flats where we live is home to more than two million migratory ducks every year. That’s more than 1400 ducks for every man, woman and child on the flats. A few have arrived, but most are waiting for the lakes and rivers to thaw. My students tell me that once the waterways open, the ducks will lie so thick on the lakes that you won’t be able to see their surfaces. One student’s family has four large freezers: one for ducks, one for geese and two for moose. Not sure where the salmon goes! Subsistence is for real!


9 thoughts on “Migration

  1. Nice ducks, Dave. Interesting to see that we have the same sort. But you sure have many other birds I do not know too, and a lot of them! Our government want people to hunt (and eat) more migrating geese, we don’t have such a strong tradition to hunt them. People (on the countryside only) have moose in their freezers….I have reindeer…..

    • Our caribou are very similar to your reindeer. I can’t really tell the difference. We are a bit too far south of their migration pattern for us to hunt them, but some of our villagers travel north each year to get caribou. It is highly prized, and I like it more than moose.

  2. This is great photograph dear Dave, the colours are amazing… fascinated me. And also it is interesting for me what you expressed. I can’t imagine this migration in my mind… amazing. Thank you, with my love, nia

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