Quack! Quack!

“Good morning, Fort Yukon. It’s Friday April 13 and we’ll be warming up into the mid forty’s by afternoon. Headlining today’s news, Gerald has spotted ducks at his cabin up at Twenty Mile. Hope you’re stocked up on shells. If you aren’t the AC has set in a good supply for you. In other news Nell says it won’t be time to plant gardens until June, but you might as well start some seedlings indoors. And there’s a swan sitting on the runway down at the airport. Please don’t shoot the swan until everybody has had a chance to see it. We’ll get more than eighteen hours of visible daylight today, so you’ll have lots of time to shovel slush away from your house and work on your boats. Coming up next, a little music to go with your moose head soup this morning: Swan Song, followed by Bye Bye Birdie. You’re listening to KZPA, Gwandak radio, Fort Yukon, Alaska!”

8 thoughts on “Quack! Quack!

  1. What a stunning photo and view! So glad to see you can upload again. Missed your lovely photo’s and updates. 🙂
    Have a stunning weekend. 🙂

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