The boat and the fish wheel are fundamental to subsistence living along the Yukon. Come July and August, when the salmon make their runs, families will be very busy catching salmon and putting them away for next winter. They will smoke it, dry it, freeze it and jar it. Today, one of our good friends gave us some of their remaining king salmon from last summer’s catch. Oh, boy! There is nothing better.

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14 thoughts on “Riverscape

  1. I loved this white peaceful calmness… Wonderful photograph you captured. We eat Salmon here too, who knows maybe some of them coming from your country. I can imagine how busy during summer days… Thank you dear Dave have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • When the salmon begin their runs, our neighbors will go out to fish camps where they do much of their fishing. It’s something I want to see for myself.

      • Once I watched on television, it was a documentary about these salmon… How amazing fishes they are… I can imagine it would be great fun to watch them. I would like to follow and to watch all these fishing stories too, dear Dave, I hope you keep watching them with your camera. Sounds so exciting… This is one of my beautiful photographers’ website


        He lives in Fogo Island and I love his photographs, I wanted to share with you too, dear Glen, he is nice one as you. I try to search to go to there this summer with my husband but not easy seems for now…

        Anyway, Thank you dear Dave, it is always so nice to visit your blog and to read you and to watch your photographs… Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

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