Shades of Darkness

Eleven in the morning

Three in the afternoon

Six degrees above. Snowdepth 14 inches.

Our days are shades of darkness more than of light, but somehow it doesn’t seem the unnatural experience that I was expecting. Even Lindsay is faring better this year. I, of course, attribute that to my presence. It is 3:45 pm as I write this and it is dark outside. The first picture above was taken at 11 am and the second at 3 pm.

Temperatures fluctuate daily and the cold is very dependent on cloud cover. Temperatures can go from twenty below to 10 above in a matter of hours if clouds move in. Overcast days are more common than clear ones so our temperatures hover around zero and snowfall is frequent. Not like Texas snow, ours has been dry powder that transforms old snow into fresh pillows. This is very difficult to put into words, but when you wake and step outside into new fallen snow the world has the soft-matted look of felt. The snow falls lightly, delicately, each flake adding to those that came before.


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