Giggles Halt Class, Shut Down School

10 degrees. Snow depth 4 inches.

Not really. But during last period we were in the middle of a reading exercise and several of the girls started giggling at something and couldn’t stop. Every time they tried to read they would break up again. After restarting umpteen times we finally decided we had had enough of that passage, closed the book, and put it out of its misery. We spent the last of the class just having fun and making movies with a little Flip video camera. More laughter. We have such wonderful kids here.

The picture above has nothing to do with Fort Yukon. We fly over this region every time we go to Fairbanks and I just love it.Hope you do, too. Have you noticed the falling temperatures the past several days. I’m adding posts mainly so you can see how rapidly things are changing now. Ten degrees may sound unpleasant, but today was really nice. I strolled about before going home this afternoon;  the air was fresh, the sky was clear and bright, and I didn’t realize it was so far below freezing.


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