Wild Spinach

I have made a friend. Her name is Doris and she is teaching me about native plants. These are the tops of wild spinach stalks! The leaves are very small, maybe half the size of domestic varieties. I picked a bunch, washed them up, and sauteed them in olive oil and butter with a bit of salt. Boy, were they good! Not quite the same flavor that you would expect, more like a cross between spinach and parsley. Next summer I plan on foraging for spinach a lot.


One thought on “Wild Spinach

  1. Hello, David and Lindsey,
    I have read this post not once but twice, and will return to it when the heat is such that I need the verdancy andcoolness of Alaska just to look at;. The pictures are awesome–how wonderful to be able to visit Alaska through your eyes!
    I pray for you there, as I pray for all members of the Corry Clan when they are away from the base, but especially for you two, who are our daring pioneers.
    Keep up your good health, and the good job you are doing. May all ears be ope and receptive.

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